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Pharmaceutical Equipment Installation

Build your new laboratory to engineer specifications without the engineering firm costs through Industrial Construction Specialists. Our highly trained and experienced contractors are known for their ability to design pharmaceutical facilities and install their associated equipment.

Ask for customer references who can speak to our technical abilities as contractors.

Call us to design and install your clean room environment:

  • Dust collection systems
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Temperature zones
  • Humidity controls
  • Ventilation systems
  • Room layout and construction

We realize that every day lost to errors and delays in construction is money out of your pocket. Have your project completed when you expect by working with our GMP trained builders.

We also buy, install, and calibrate equipment for your pharmaceutical facility:

  • Coating pans
  • Fluid bed dryers
  • Custom ovens
  • Custom metal surfaces

If your existing laboratory or equipment is beginning to age, call us to renovate and restore its functionality to modern standards.

With the fast pace that medical technology changes, you need the help of a competitively priced builder. Reduce your overhead as your company stays current with the times and work with us.

Call 516-830-1832 today for a FREE estimate on your lab project and discover how much money you can save by using our specialized contractors. Contact us now before our schedule fills!

No matter how simple or complex your project,
our reliable contractors will exceed your expectations.